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The Contra Banditos

The Contra Banditos are a New England Contra Dance Band. We play traditional old time fiddle and celtic music for dances, parties and festivals.

Music at a dance is both live and lively and is provided by a band which typically includes fiddles, piano/keyboard, guitar, flute and whistle.

Musicians play traditional jigs, reels, waltzes and polkas. We throw in other styles of music and songs...cajun, old time, blue grass and so on....

We formed in the late eighties as a small group of friends playing music together. The band has since evolved into a larger group of regular players on all the traditonal instruments.

The Contra Banditos enjoy playing music for the benefit and enjoyment of our community. We would like to preserve and promote the knowledge and practice of traditional New England dancing and to keep the spirit of old time music alive.

I order to book us for your Contra Dance or Musical Entertainment Event, please Call or Text Dan Fassett @978-337-6130

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Text 978-337-6130 "Purchase CB CD" or Send us an email Subject: Purchase CB CD Cost $15 US Dollars +Shipping and handling
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